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US-2003220748-A1: Computer-aided techniques for analyzing biological sequences patent, US-2003223606-A1: Hearing assistive apparatus having sound replay capability patent, US-2004088666-A1: System and method for partitioning control-dataflow graph representations patent, US-2004149741-A1: Plasma processing apparatus patent, US-2004167347-A1: Process for preparing (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonates and a (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonate composition patent, US-2004195142-A1: Packing of thin glass sheets patent, US-2004197984-A1: Adhesion layer for Pt on SiO2 patent, US-2004221795-A1: Single crystal diamond prepared by CVD patent, US-2004233127-A1: Light reflection display method, light reflection display device, and electronic apparatus patent, US-6649820-B2: Double bass-drum pedal patent, US-2005027044-A1: Process of making press molded materials using heat activated tertiary amine urethane catalysts patent, US-2005029050-A1: Step stool with step lock patent, US-2005094665-A1: Isochronous device communication management patent, US-2005097370-A1: Power mode calibration for add-on cards on mobile platforms patent, US-2005114774-A1: User controllable computer presentation of interfaces and information selectively provided via a network patent, US-2005134215-A1: Charging system for electronic devices patent, US-2005143569-A1: Novel human endothelin converting enzyme-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same patent, US-2005184154-A1: Wireless communication medium processing apparatus and wireless communication medium processing system patent, US-2005209395-A1: PTFE-based aqueous dispersions patent, US-2005246858-A1: Bladed disk brush roller assembly for a vacuum cleaner patent, US-2005259124-A1: Ink jet printer and ink discharging method of the ink jet printer patent, US-2005271431-A1: Image forming system patent, US-2005272621-A1: Composition and method for removing copper-compatible resist patent, US-2006013859-A1: Drug delivery system using subconjunctival depot patent, US-2006021557-A1: Needle bar thread guide for sewing machine patent, US-2006054460-A1: Apparatus for operating a feed device for fiber material, for example, a hopper feeder patent, US-2006151131-A1: Ratchet-type holder for a vertical blind vane patent, US-2006179591-A1: Device for converting a rotating motion into a reciprocating motion and an electric tool assembly having such a device patent, US-2006187766-A1: Watch and crown used in this watch patent, US-2006192400-A1: Wafer transfer apparatus patent, US-2006225722-A1: Skid plate for concrete saw patent, US-2006237877-A1: Prosthetic spinal disc nucleus with elevated swelling rate patent, US-2006269027-A1: Receiver including synch pulse detection and associated method patent, US-2006269053-A1: Network Communication System and Communication Device patent, US-2007001687-A1: Method for using internal semiconductor junctions to aid in non-contact testing patent, US-2007079657-A1: Governor and a power generating device and an apparatus using the governor patent, US-2007115534-A1: Phase Change Electophoretic Imaging For Rewritable Applications patent, US-2007179078-A1: Rheology modifier for aqueous systems patent, US-2007185317-A1: siRNA targeting HtrA serine peptidase 1 patent, US-2007208801-A1: Method For Sharing Resources Over A Network patent, US-2007227805-A1: Electric motor assisted steering apparatus patent, US-2007243825-A1: Method for testing embedded wireless transceiver with minimal interaction between wireless transceiver and host processor during testing patent, US-2007248474-A1: Air driven pump with performance control patent, US-2007279158-A1: Reducing Suck-Out Insertion Loss patent, US-2008067220-A1: Welded component patent, US-2008120922-A1: Wall panel system patent, US-2008127687-A1: Locking assembly patent, US-2008148918-A1: Microtome Blade Changing Apparatus For A Knife Holder Of A Microtome, And Microtome patent, US-2008215668-A1: Communication device, system and method for managing local network device remotely patent, US-2008229604-A1: Digital thickness gauge for both exterior dimension and tube or hollow wall thickness patent, US-2008235139-A1: Apparatus and methods for distributing digital content patent, US-2008276314-A1: Software protection injection at load time patent, US-2009009479-A1: System and method for time division input on a dynamic graphic input device patent, US-2009018850-A1: Security in a geo-spatial environment patent, US-2009030669-A1: Efficient Review of Data patent, US-2009085484-A1: Metal halide lamp and lighting apparatus using the same patent, US-2009122084-A1: Method of Image Scaling patent, US-2009122470-A1: Solid electrolytic capacitor patent, US-2009166296-A1: Wastewater treatment plant patent, US-2009179423-A1: Double-pipe joint patent, US-2009192600-A1: Sizing device having two sizers and methods of use patent, US-2009235890-A1: Intake control device for an engine patent, US-2010003413-A1: Charging roller, process cartridge and image forming apparatus patent, US-2010013166-A1: Mechanical seal assembly patent, US-2010023363-A1: Logistics plannning in a business environment patent, US-2010075571-A1: Holder apparatus for elongated implement patent, US-2010098980-A1: Fuel cell system patent, US-2010121963-A1: Method and Device for Obtaining Media Description Information of IPTV Services patent, US-2010141126-A1: Organic electroluminescent element, display and illuminating device patent, US-2010146695-A1: Floating station for aquatic exercises patent, US-2010170576-A1: Apparatus for preventing fluid spray at leakage areas of a fluid pipe patent, US-2003223565-A1: Enhanced directory assistance services in a telecommunications network patent, US-2003231850-A1: Optical fiber array patent, US-2004052826-A1: Cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and their use patent, US-2004075076-A1: Heat softening thermally conductive compositions and methods for their preparation patent, US-2004121634-A1: Subminiature electrical connector multi-pin grounding/discrete circuit bussing module and integral connector backshell patent, US-2004129271-A1: Neural networks in sedation and analgesia systems patent, US-2004145412-A1: Boosting circuit patent, US-2004181877-A1: Assist device for getting into and out of sitting or prone positions on beds and similar furniture patent, US-2004208647-A1: System and method of optical transmission patent, US-2004256843-A1: Head-protecting airbag device patent, US-2004261798-A1: Nose filter patent, US-2005025554-A1: Printer and control method thereof patent, US-2005055867-A1: Fish hook having an operable auxiliary hook assembly patent, US-2005185505-A1: Apparatus for dissolving a solid material in a liquid patent, US-2005218252-A1: Apparatus for tumbling concrete products patent, US-2005226467-A1: Biological image correlation device and correlation method thereof patent, US-2005236898-A1: Protective chain for endless drive-belts patent, US-2005248537-A1: Raised keys on a miniature keyboard patent, US-2006000259-A1: Photo-induced sensitivity and selectivity of semiconductor gas sensors patent, US-2006049280-A1: Rotary coupler with bearing lubrication patent, US-2006082760-A1: Optical sensing module, optical sensing and image capturing architecture, and method for optically scanning fingerprints with a portable communications system patent, US-2006119700-A1: Torsion oscillator current control driver patent, US-2006165002-A1: Port re-enabling by monitoring link status patent, US-2006274007-A1: Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof patent, US-2007024295-A1: Probe for an atomic force microscope patent, US-2007069081-A1: Demiseable momentum exchange system patent, US-2007109482-A1: Liquid crystal display and method thereof patent, US-2007113175-A1: Method of performing layout of contents and apparatus for the same patent, US-2007133932-A1: Light transmission patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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