Method for preparing superfine foam copper by coordination compound



本发明公开的一种采用配合物制备超细泡沫铜的方法,通过熔炼工艺制备合金Cu-wt60,70,80%Zn,将熔炼好的合金表面的氧化皮除去,配制5M NH4Cl和1M HCl,按体积比为1~2∶1比例混合为腐蚀液,水浴温度在60~80℃,腐蚀液和合金按体积比100∶1,直接进行普通化学腐蚀,待无明显的气泡冒出时,反应结束,将样品置于蒸馏水中清洗至中性,即得到超细泡沫铜。本方法制得的超细泡沫铜孔径细小均匀,韧带轮廓清晰,骨架结构完整,孔径200~600nm,韧带宽度100~300nm。
The invention discloses a method for preparing superfine foam copper by coordination compound, comprising the following steps: employing the smelting process to prepare alloy Cu and Zn with weight percentages of 60%, 70% and 80%; stripping oxide skin of the smelted alloy, preparing 5MNH4CI and IMHCI, mixing the 5MNH4CI and IMHCI into corrosive liquid according to the volume ratio of 1-2:1 with water bath temperature ranging from 60 DEG C to 80 DEG C and the volume ratio of the corrosive liquid to the alloy being 100:1; directly carrying out general chemical corrosion and ending the reaction when no obvious bubbles comp up; washing a sample in distilled water to neutrality, thus obtaining the superfine foam copper. The superfine foam copper prepared by the method of the invention features fine and uniform pore diameter, clear ligament contour, complete skeleton structure; the pore diameter ranges from 200nm to 600nm and ligament width ranges from 100nm to 300nm.




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