Method for heat preservation of seawater aquaculturing pond in winter



The invention discloses a method for heat preservation of seawater aquaculturing pond in winter, comprising the following steps of: uniformly setting woodpiles in the pond, and piling at intervals from 10 meters to 20 meters before the icing of the surface of the aquaculturing pond in winter, wherein the upper end of the woodpile is 20-50 cm higher than water level; filling water to the pond at the largest extent according to the capacity of the pond before icing; opening the gate of the pond after the icing of the surface of the pond with 20 cm thickness of the ice, draining or pumping a part of water in the pond to form a gap with 10-20 cm between the water level and the ice; pouring seawater or fresh water on the ice surface by a pump at the temperature lower than 5 DEG C below zero of the weather so as to increase the thickness of the ice layer and keep the thickness of the ice layer to be at least 20 cm. Air is relatively a hot poor conductor, the air between the ice layer and the water level acts a role of heat preservation, so that compared with the conventional regular method, the method ensures that the water temperature is increased by 4-6 DEG C, and various seawater aquacultural matters can continuously grow in winter.




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