Flow control device



An object of the invention is to provide a flow control device having a power saving effect in addition to a water saving effect. Further, another object is to provide a flow control device easy to install, maintain and manage. The flow control device of the invention comprises a flush valve device (1) having a main control valve (70) in a path leading from an inlet (13) to an outlet (16), a flowmeter unit (81) for converting the presence or absence of flow of washing water leading from the inlet (13) to the outlet (16) into a pulse signal and outputting the latter, a control device (100) for controlling the opening and closing of the main control valve (70) according to the output of the flowmeter unit (81), and a power generating unit (205) for generating power by using the flow of the washing water as power, wherein at least part of the power obtained in the power generating unit (205) is supplied to the control device (100).




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