Voltage measuring instrument with resolution of 0.01 Mu V


  • Inventors: LUO XIAOYING
  • Assignees: 骆晓英
  • Publication Date: July 28, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101788585-A


The invention discloses a voltage measuring instrument with resolution of 0.01 Mu V. Three step panels and a sliding wire panel, three measuring panels and a measuring sliding wire panel are respectively and directly connected through conductors and not switched through switches, thereby the variation and the impact of thermoelectric power are eliminated during the measurement of the voltage measuring instrument; for each panel, the measuring panel and the substitution panel are composed of resistors with the same resistances, an auxiliary panel is not used, therefore, the volume of the whole instrument is reduced; through the shunt resistance, four range conversions are obtained, and the minimum resolution is 0.01Mu V.




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