Automatic device for WX power distribution fault diagnosis of ring main unit



The invention relates to an automatic device for WX power distribution fault diagnosis of a ring main unit, which comprises a power board, a main control board, an electrical power carrier plate, a 3-way current transformer, a 3-way voltage transformer and a 6-way remote signaling module. The main control board and the electrical power carrier plate are connected with the power board, and the electrical power carrier plate, the 3-way current transformer, the 3-way voltage transformer and the 6-way remote signaling module are all connected with the main control board. Compared with the prior art, the automatic device collects the fault signals of the ring main unit, monitors the remotely signalized signals and uploads the signals to a dispatcher through the electrical power carrier plate. When the bus of the ring main unit is in power failure, the automatic device can reliably work for 10min to upload the fault signals.




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