Multiple-screw pedal ship


  • Inventors: DING XIANMING
  • Assignees: 丁宪明
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101804859-A


The invention belongs to the field of ship engineering and relates to a small ship which moves forward by pedaling a crankshaft to rotate and drive a gearbox for accelerating and driving a propeller through a driving shaft and a coupling. Compared with a mode of moving forward by paddling, sculling and pedaling a paddle wheel small ship, the pedal screw ship has high propelling efficiency, high speed, stable driving and accurate steering of a rudder. By positively and negatively pedaling the crankshaft, the small ship can move forward, backward or retard to stop the ship. The pedal screw ship can also be used for developing sports events and performances as well as flood emergency and can be widely used for production, life, travel and parks. A lateral pushing propeller is arranged under a stem and is driven by shaking through hands, so that the ship can be steered left and right at the original position. For the pedal screw ship, a chain driving is added behind the gearbox on the basis of a reference driving mode; the propelling efficiency of the propeller can be improved by using an integral driving mode of ball joint driving screw rudder; and with the pedal screw driving, ships of multiple use functions can be developed such as pedal bumper boats, binary park ships, water drift boats, quad-driving ships, electric underwater mowing vessels, solar energy pedal dual-purpose ships and pushing transportation fishing vessels.




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