Passenger transferring apparatus



The invention provides a passenger transferring apparatus, which can improve the making efficiency of a frame main body, and still can improve the rigidity of a rail member after lightweight. In the passenger transferring apparatus, the steel plate is bent in a way that the section is in a N shape to form an upper part forming an upper boom part and a lower part forming a lower boom part and a side part located between the upper part and the lower part, the side part is provided with triangle holes and is formed into a truss shape with a longitudinal surface part and a slant surface part between the upper boom part and the lower boom part, thereby left and right side frame main bodies forming the frame main body are formed, in addition, a reinforcement member formed by a section bar is superposed with the truss shape and fixed, the reinforcement member is fixed on the longitudinal face of the left and right side frame main bodies by a crossbeam thereby the frame main body is formed.




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