Wedge-shaped sewing device



The invention provides a wedge-shaped sewing device, which comprises an upper clamping seat and a lower clamping seat, wherein a nail anvil is fixed on the upper clamping seat, a nail forming groove is concavely arranged on the surface of the nail anvil, a group of nail pushing sheets are fixedly arranged on the lower clamping seat, a nail compartment is glidingly arranged on the lower clamping seat, nail placing holes for placing sewing nails are arranged in the nail compartment, the other end of the nail pushing sheets can be glidingly arranged in the nail placing holes of the nail compartment, the nail anvil and the nail compartment are arranged in opposite directions, a tissue to be sewed is placed between the nail anvil and the nail compartment, and a driving device drives the nail anvil and the nail compartment to do relative movement. The invention mainly has the advantages that the device structure is small and exquisite, the use is simple, and the manufacture cost is reduced. More importantly, the wedge-shaped sewing tracks can be used for one-step cutting sewing forming operation of the tumor tissue positioned at the edge of organs.




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