Light and thin LED display screen and LED display system



The invention discloses a light and thin LED display screen and an LED display system. The light and thin LED display screen comprises at least two PCB bars, wherein at least two LED units are arranged on each PCB bar; each LED unit comprises a package body on which at least two LED thin film chips are stacked; each LED thin film chip is enclosed and fixed in the package body and is in electric and signal connection with exterior through pins; each LED thin film chip is provided with at least two pairs of P-N junctions; each pair of P-N junctions comprises an interface; a light emergent surface of each LED unit is arranged on the side edge of the corresponding PCB bar and is in electric and signal connection with a conductive layer on the side face of each PCB bar through the pin of the LED unit; and each PCB bar is also provided with a supporter which is integrated with the PCB bar and used for supporting and fixing the shape and position of each PCB bar. The LED display system comprises the light and thin LED display screen and a control device. The LED display screen of the invention is light and thin, has convenient installation and maintenance and good display effect.




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