Assembly structure of inverter power unit and modular power unit using same



The invention discloses an assembly structure of an inverter power unit, comprising a capacitor, a power module, a radiator and a fan, wherein the radiator comprises a base plate and a plurality of radiating tooth pieces connected with the lower surface of the base plate and used for heat radiation; the capacitor is arranged on the power module; the power module is installed on the upper surface of the base plate; and the fan is installed at the bottom of tooth pieces, is parallel to the power module and blows right against the tooth pieces. In the invention, the three-dimensional structure design of sequentially placing the capacitor, the power module, the radiator and the fan is utilized to enable the structure to be more compact and the installation area to be small, meanwhile, due to using the mode that the fan vertically blows the tooth pieces, the invention has good heat radiation effect and improved use ratio and reliability of the power module. In addition, the invention also provides a modular power unit designed by using the assembly structure design.




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