Device and method for knitting spacer fabric



To provide a device and a method for obtaining a spacer fabric of a simple structure which can ensure stabilized tuck knotting by reducing the burden on the needle. The knitting method of spacer fabric comprises a step for knitting a cylinder knitted fabric (17) by a cylinder needle (5), a step for knitting a dial knitted fabric (16) by a dial needle (13), and a step for joining the cylinder knitted fabric and the dial knitted fabric by a knotting yarn. The knotting yarn supplied to any one of the cylinder needle (5) or the dial needle (13) is caught at the hook portion (73) of a knitting tool (7) with hook and the knotting yarn is pulled by the knitting tool (7) with hook onto a stem at a position deviated from the tip of open latch of the other needle, thus securing a knotting yarn length required for knotting the dial knitted fabric and the cylinder knitted fabric.




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